Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby Home Visit!

Today we visited the Baby Home!! It seems like two MONTHS now, but exactly two weeks ago today I finished up my urgent work at the Baby Home, planning to begin my maternity leave still alone the next week. But Sophia had other plans, arriving just two days later!

It was definitely surreal to be holding MY OWN BABY in the Baby Home. I don't know how many times I've wondered over the years if I would ever introduce my own baby to the tias I've lived with. Thanks to my most amazing husband who (incredibly) moved here to marry me, this dream too has come true!  

The tias ran out and nearly attacked us as we walked in. They were sooo excited to meet "la bebe Sophia". They quickly decided she was not too white. I had scared them by trying to prepare them - and myself - for a pale looking baby, compared to our nicely "tan" Bolivian babies, ha!

Jennifer with 3-4 week old Baby A, Tia Maria with Baby Sophia

Sophia alongside the youngest member of the Baby Home, approximately 2 weeks older than her (he was found under the back seat of a bus). This is our first BOY all year long!

Thea fed baby A his bottle and managed to keep him from spewing, something he does regularly

When we were ready to go, I discovered that my baby was having her first ride in a Bolivian aguayo!

Tia Silvia was happily cooking away with her new charge and would barely give her back to me!!

It was so great to be there, can't wait to return! :)

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  1. Yay! Her first trip to the Baby Home! I wish I could have been there! She's going to have so many little Bolivian baby friends!


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