Thursday, October 10, 2013

Preparation of our Condo

The minute we decided to stay in our current place, at least for the next few months, we had a big list of improvements to make! It's been great to finally get books off the floor, some shelves hung, and - my personal favorite - our work off the dining room table and onto real DESKS!!

Since moving in last year, we had just one real bookshelf, so our books were stacked around the floors and walls.

It was great to get them off the floor and onto these cute little book shelves!

Our desks!! 

It's so wonderful to have a place to put papers and books, and not have to clear off the dining room table every time we eat.

Love these little flowers we got at the market last Saturday.

Speaking of flowers... Jake is quite the florist! He worked on these two arrangements for our table.

Because of the desks, we moved the table to this window "nook". That really opened up our dining room floor, one of my favorite changes!

Jake making pancakes

See the shelf with our spices and bread bin? We had a carpenter make the shelf to Jake's measurements and then Jake put it up for us. More counter space = ALWAYS helpful!

Another kitchen shelf that Jake hung up for me.

While Mom was here, we saw this bedspread set that Jake really liked. She bought it for us and now we have a real bedspread for the first time! (The ones I brought from the Baby Home were all stained by babies and years of usage.)

"Jesus is Lord, Beaty Family"

We even have a new good place for keys right by the front door, thanks to a cheap purchase in the max security prison.

So that's a little tour of our "new" place! We have been blessed! It's a little tight and will for sure "close in" on us a bit when all the kids arrive, but it's home for now. :)

Next up: Baby Shower pictures!

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  1. I love your place! And seeing pictures really helps when I envision where your lives take place since I haven't been there in person like the Baby Home!

    If I were taller I might appreciate Jake's spice rack more :) But I LOVE the bookshelves!!!

    The place looks so great!


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