Friday, October 18, 2013

Special Visitors

We have had a steady stream of visitors since Sophia was born. I've been grateful for the company while I've been home bound. I'm pretty sure this is the longest I've gone in my life without stepping outside, but I'm also cherishing the quiet time at home with baby!

This afternoon some tias and volunteers brought the oldest boys and girls to our place to meet the much-awaited baby.

First, the eight boys blasted in the door like a herd of wild buffalo!!

The three boys immediately grouped around her. What a moment!! (The tias - knowing of the pending adoption - were loudly whispering to me, "Take their picture, take their picture!!", haha.)

After picturing the three boys with their baby sister for months now, here they are!!


As the pictures show, the oldest at least were remarkably interested in the baby but after a few minutes, the search for Rusty (the cat) was on! The boys were all over the place, enjoying the outing.

The tias enjoyed the baby after that. :)

 Tia Sarin and Sophia

Then the boys and girls switched out, and six girls trooped in quiet as mice! Upon seeing me and the baby, they paused respectfully in the doorway, just staring - a completely different entrance than the boys!!

Diaper change during the girl's visit - they were curious about the umbilical cord stump!

The baby also held their attention much longer as they vied to hold her and take in every little feature.

(See Grandma B in the background? She arrived from Washington State two days after the baby!) 

Jhosie declared in awe that the baby had hairy arms just like her dad!

Abigail asked if the baby was going to learn to speak English.

They asked if they could take off her socks and see her little feet. We decided they were dry and I went for the lotion, first time to use it.

They also wanted to see the baby's crib.

Sophia did great with all the attention! She is one loved little baby.

My favorite questions of the day: "Tia, if the baby is out, why are you still gordita?" (a little fat) Jake said my organs needed to find their place again, an answer that was met with blank stares!

...and from Ana Maria, "Tia, are you going to have another baby?" I repeated the question back, not sure what she meant. "Yes, another baby, on my birthday?" Then I realized! I had told her, even the last time I saw her, that the baby might be born around her birthday (October 27). So today I tried to explain that this was the baby I was talking about and she's already here! We'll have to wait a bit for another. :)


  1. I'm sitting here with tears practically streaming down my face because I have such a mixture of emotions right now! Seeing our Casa kids holding YOUR first biological baby makes me so happy! I love seeing the love in their faces as they hold her! I also love seeing Tia Sarin with her. I miss that woman! I just wish I could come hold her too! Love all of you so much!

  2. Oh that is too precious!! Sophia is one loved baby indeed! Don't feel bad about the being called "gordita" part. After I had Carson, I was at Kids Club, but he wasn't with me and one of the leaders asked me when I was going to have my baby!! It gets much better after a few weeks ;) Love you guys and miss you!! Give that sweet baby a kiss for us! Love, the Sidmores

  3. Wha? I thought when Abigail kept calling me "Gordito" it was a Bolivian term of endearment. It means "fat"?!!!!!!

  4. Just kidding! Sophia's beautiful, and will definitely never be hungry for attention!

  5. What handsome brothers Sophia will have. Do the boys know that there is a pending adoption?

  6. Yes, the boys know that someone plans to adopt the three of them together, they just don't know who that is - yet! :)


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