Monday, October 7, 2013

Preparation for the Baby!

It has been lots of fun getting out all of the baby's stuff and begin to sort and organize everything! There will be more when Jake's Mom arrives next week but we made a head start taking tags off and washing while my Mom was here. (This baby is BLESSED in the clothes department!!)

Mom worked until midnight the night before her trip sewing these beautiful, soft sheets for the crib! The quilt in the picture was Jake's as a baby. :) 

Mom decided the baby needed a mobile and we finally decided on this one. There aren't very good options here. The best we've had at the Baby Home have been hand made by the tias!

There were probably 4 or 5 loads of baby clothes?! The tiny socks got stuck in the front of my washer, so for future washes I'll need to put them inside something first.

Clothes were drying all over the place!!

Jake was thrilled...

The shelf that Jake and I bought from missionaries departing in June, sanded down, and re-varnished, is now being put to good use for all of baby's things in our room!

Mom recycled this ribbon, received in a baby shower gift, for hair bows!

I told Jake that I needed one rod to hang clothes, so he told me to find a bathroom towel bar. I found this one downtown and voila, Jake hung it in this cabinet in our closet! 
We also got a cherry red car seat that will soon be installed in my car! No stroller for now - I'll use baby slings and carriers at first.
All we lack now is the baby. :)

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  1. This is just so beyond exciting! How did I miss that it was a girl???? That is even more exciting!!!! She is going to be so spoiled by her 3 big brothers!


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