Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life with Daddy

There's never a dull moment around here with Jake as daddy and feisty Sophia as baby!! Those two together makes for quite the entertainment. I love Jake's running dialogue to Sophia about everything from boyfriends to building character to how to relax and fall asleep. This baby is going to have a VERY impressive vocabulary! And furthermore, she has a very wonderful father. :)

Some memorable moments caught on film in Sophia's first days with us:

This is where her pants hang out when daddy changes diapers...

First bath!! Daddy talked her through it.

Studying daddy's face

She wears this shirt for daddy :)

Naptime! Jake has the magic touch for getting her to sleep.

I think...they won something?! (Thanks to the Boohers for the flowers!)

I brought out all the hair bows and headbands to try on her, and let's just say it got a little crazy with Dad at the helm! :)

Thanks, Tia Heather!

Now if that's not the cutest funny face...

 Chat Time

Grading science papers together (she's going to be one smart kid!)

Doing some research on the power of a baby's suck while he experiences it (Jake now has all the stats, if anyone needs to know...!)

Sophia loves her daddy and responds to his voice

While at the Baby Home yesterday, the volunteers asked me if having Sophia is very different from caring for babies there.  I think the answer is YES, very much so, the number one reason being Jake! It's pretty amazing to share everything about a baby with my husband and to have his unwavering support.

He wasn't sure how life with a newborn would be, but now he even likes the sound of her cry. (Hope he's not embarrassed that I'm saying that in public.) Before she arrived, he would tell people, "I think it's going to be pretty uncomfortable to be tightly wrapped around a tiny finger!" But oh, how he has fallen in love! It's been very special to watch, and I look forward to sharing all of her growth and change together. (When Sophia can enter into conversation with Jake, now THAT is going to be a show!!)

And as a little aside: We are sooo glad that Jake has been able to go to part time at Calvert. He's home to us by 1 and we have lunch together! This will be particularly great once the boys are with us. :)

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  1. Beautiful post! Jake is so great with her! Already giving baths, changing diapers AND putting on hair bows! Lucky girl!

    I'm so thankful he is part time to be there for you and Sophia and soon the boys. I know stressful teaching is! I've always said the only way I could go back is part-time or adjunct at a college!


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