Saturday, October 19, 2013

The First Baby Shower (Surprise!)

And getting back to regularly scheduled programming... The Baby Shower picture posts I promised before Sophia made her early entrance! :)

We've wanted to have a volunteer fellowship for a while now, and I hoped that we would be able to coordinate one while my Mom was here so that she could have some time with the Booher family and our current volunteers.

So on Saturday, September 28, after a full day shopping in La Cancha for furniture for the condo, we headed out to CDA IV and the Booher family for what I thought was a regular ol' volunteer fellowship.

I walked in, saw "baby girl" streamers, and SURPRISE!! Wow, what sneaky friends I have. They had planned a BABY SHOWER!!

Casa de Amor Volunteers and Visitors, some of the Booher kids, and a CDA IV baby

Elena Alvarez (volunteer coordinator) and Carla Booher (CDA IV Mother)

I imagine that these two ladies were the masterminds behind everything! They did an amazing job! And even though some found it hard to believe, YES I was surprised!!

Jake's turn to, uh... "Pin the baby on the mother"??

They had a few fun games planned. One interesting one was seeing what baby names people came up with using only the letters from mine and Jakes' first and middle names. Almost everyone found "Fernanda", a common name here.

The food was WONDERFUL!! Love how the Boohers tinted the icing of their famous cinnamon rolls pink using beet juice.

Opening gifts - the first diapers!!

I told Jake it was pretty surreal to have a baby shower for me and my baby, after attending so many for others. What a fun evening with great people!

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  1. How fun! I'm extra glad your mom could be there!

    PS Booher famly if you read this I love the VIOLINS everywhere! I'm sure Jen's sister Heather does too!


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