Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Second Baby Shower

The week before my Mom arrived, I was told that a baby shower was being planned for me for the following Sunday. I was so excited, and even more so that Mom would be here! (Keep in mind I knew nothing of baby showers #1 and 3.)

Sunday, September 29 (which turned out to be exactly two weeks before baby showed up)


With the wonderful hostesses
Joanna Murrin is a long time missionary friend from church. I've especially appreciated listening to Joanna talk about her four pregnancies. It's been helpful to know that what I've experienced is normal! (We also greatly appreciated the two meals she brought two days after the baby was born.)
Doctora Aida Baldelomar de Wallace is another friend from Cochabamba International Church, AND my OB/GYN during the pregnancy. She's the doctor of all of my missionary friends and she and her husband own a clinic here in Cochabamba. Her husband did the sonogram where we realized we were having a girl! Dra. Aida hosted the baby shower in her beautiful home not far from ours. 

Jennifer & Glenda

Beautiful cakes!


Jennifer with the "under 20" group (including a student of Jake's and youth group kids)

Enjoying the amazing spread of food 

Love this "garden room" we were in (we moved inside due to gusting winds outside)

 The ladies wrote notes of advice to be included in a notebook

Only one lady came even close to guessing my belly size!
Joanna Murrin gave a devotional about mothers in English and Anita Paz translated into Spanish. Pati had a couple of games that could be played while continuing to chat. It was a full afternoon!

The gift stash!

We filled up my car afterwards with the gifts and leftover cake. What a blessing to have so many people excited about our new addition!!

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  1. how neat! wish I could have been at one of these!


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